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Redken and Loreal offer a wide variety of products for all hair needs. Not only do we use their revolutionary treatments behind the chair, you are able to take some home with you! At your next appointment be sure to ask your stylist what products they recommend for you.


Brazilian Blowout along with it's sister company Leaf & Flower offer some of the industry's most effective and powerful treatments. Whether it's L&F's CBD molecular treatment or the classic Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment. There is something for everyone! 


K18 is one of the industry's most advanced hair treatment line you can find. Their scientists have spent a decade perfecting this treatment. Reconnecting broken polypeptide chains, renewing the hair's core structure, strength, and elasticity. All of this in 4 minutes flat.


Malibu C offers a plethora of vegan and cruetly-free treatments based in science. It is free of all gluten, parabens, sulfates, and preservatives. Malibu's passion is fighting the affects of hard water while keeping the hair strong and beautiful.


Matrix is all about preserving and renewing the strength of your hair while keeping your color as vibrant as the day you leave the salon. With products that can either give you voluptuous curls or bring damaged hair back to life. The possibilities are endless!

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