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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Smart Hair Extensions more expensive than other brands?

DumBlonde Smart Hair extensions are made exclusively from double drawn Russian hair, which means shorter hairs are removed by hand, to ensure only the longest and healthiest hair is used. Each strand of DumBlonde Smart Hair extensions has the hair cuticle is intact and aligned correctly from root to tip. Russian hair quality, length and thickenss, is attributed to the nutrient rich diet of the country, which is high in vitamins and low in sugar, salt and processed animal fats. The premium cost of these hair extensions is attributed to it being similar in texture and density to American hair, meaning it matches our clients natural hair texture and density. We don't use silicon to smooth the hair because it's an unneccessary chemical process that limits the natural hair absorbtion of  for future coloring services. 

What is the cost of Smart Hair Extensions?

Smart Hair Extensions are priced separately from the Smart Hair Application and all Smart Hair maintenance is charged at a set rate. Pricing breakdown is available below and a consultation is required before booking an application appointment. All consultations are complimentary and you can book online or give us a call with any questions. All Smart Hair sales are final.


Smart Hair Extensions pricing and product details:


Microlink Smart Hair Extensions

Quantity: 25 Individual I-tips per package  (approx weight 25g)

Length: 12 inches | Price: $110.00*

Length: 20 inches | Price: $200.00*

Length: 24 inches | Price: $240.00*

Smart Microlink Application

25 I-Tips| Price: $132.00

50 I-Tips| Price: $264.00

75 I-Tips| Price: $396.00

100 I-Tips| Price: $523.00

125 I-Tips| Price: $660.00

150 I-Tips| Price: $820.00

175 I-Tips| Price: $957.00

200 I-Tips| Price: $1,045.00

Weft Smart Hair Extensions

Quantity: 1 weft (12in wide, approx weight 38g)

Length: 12 inches | Price: $165.00*

Length: 20 inches | Price: $250.00*

Length: 24 inches | Price: $282.00*

Smart Hand Tied Application

1 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $ 220.00

2 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $ 440.00

3 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $ 660.00

4 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $ 880.00

5 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $ 1,100.00

6 Hand Tied Weft | Price: $1,320.00

Luxury Weft Extensions *Limited Inventory*

Length: 14-16 inches | Price: $ 900.00

Length: 16-18 inches | Price: $ 1,100.00

Length: 18-20 inches | Price: $ 1,200.00

Length: 20-22 inches | Price: $ 1,350.00

Length: 22-24 inches | Price: $ 1,500.00

Luxury Virgin Extensions *Limited Inventory*

Length: 14-16 inches | Price: $ 1,300.00

Length: 16-18 inches | Price: $ 1,500.00

Length: 18-20 inches | Price: $ 1,700.00

Length: 20-22 inches | Price: $ 1,900.00

Length: 22-24 inches | Price: $ 2,100.00


Custom Order Only

I-Tips Length: 24 inches | Price: $ 210.00*

Weft Length: 24 inches | Price: $ 252.00* 

Smart Hair Maintenance

30 minutes | Price: $ 63.25

1 Hour  | Price $ 115.50

1.5 Hours | Price: $ 173.25

2 Hours | Price: $ 231.00

2.5 Hours | Price: $ 294.25

3 Hours | Price: $ 346.50


*Custom orders are calculated at a higher rate and can take up to two weeks for processing

How many Smart Hair Extensions do I need?

100g to 150g of Smart Hair Extensions is recommended for most clients to achieve their hair goals of longer and fuller hair. For our clients only desiring fullness, 50g to 80g of Smart Hair Extensions is recommended. We always offer FREE consultations which you can book now and we'll help you decide how many Smart Hair Extensions are right for you.

Can I wear more than one type of Smart Hair Extension at a time?

Absolutely! We cater your Smart Hair Extensions to fit your hair goals, which sometimes means using a combination of of our Smart Hair Extensions application methods. 

How do I make an appointment?

You can book your appointment 24/7 right here. You can see every Smart Hair Consultant available to help you on your desired appointment date and time. If you have questions about booking, give us a call at 817-922-0900

Which Smart Hair Extensions are considered a custom order?

Non-standard colors, ombre, other custom color variants and lengths greater than 20in are all considered custom orders. All custom orders require a 50% deposit + $80.00 custom processing fee before Smart Hair Extensions will be ordered. Custom orders can take up to two additional weeks for processing, though a rush order is sometimes available for a calculated fee. 

What is Standard vs Non-Standard Smart Hair Extensions?

Non-standard colors include ombre, neon colors, pastel colors and other custom color variants that are not included in our standard 22 colors consisting of black, dark brown, brown, blonde and red. Our standard shades are available on a Smart Hair Extensions swatch wheel for color matching in our salon.

How do I care for my Smart Hair Extensions?

1. Shampoo hair in a gentle manner no more than 2-3 times a week using a salon quality shampoo for color treated hair.         Supplement with recommended salon dry shampoo as needed.

2. Condition hair from the mid-shaft to the ends, using a salon quality conditioner.

3. Use an extension brush, work from the ends to the top. Lift hair and make sure the underneath is thoroughly brushed.

4. Always make sure your hair is dry and tied back in a loose ponytail or braid before going to sleep.

5. Brush Extensions three times a day, lifting the hair and brush the bottom sections as well.

6. Curling or flat irons and hot rollers may be used.

7. Seawater and pools can cause dryness to the extensions. To minimize these effects wet hair completely with tap water           prior to swimming and apply a salon recommended leave-in conditioner to help protect hair's integrity and color from             minerals and chemicals. After swimming shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner.

8.Some extension loss is normal and is to be expected. Average hair loss is approximately 50-150 strands per day. You can    expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hair in the attachment. This is normal shedding and should not be            interpreted as hair being pulled from the shaft.

9. Daily brushing close to the scalp with an extension brush and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting.

10. If your hair and/or extensions are dry, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner or hair oil mid-shaft to ends only.

What if I need to Cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any service, DumBlonde Smart Hair respectfully requests at least a 24-hour notice. Failure to provide 24-hour notice will result in a late cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the scheduled services. We appreciate your cooperation with our cancellation policy, as it is in place to allow us to provide the best customer service for all of our clients.

All clients are responsible for canceling/rescheduling any appointments online or by calling the salon (817-922-0900) and speaking to a representative during open business hours.

DumBlonde Smart Hair Warranty

DumBlonde Smart Hair Extensions can only be cut, maintained, altered or chemically altered by a certified DumBlonde Smart Hair Extensions Consultant. In the event the client chooses to have their Smart Hair Extensions cut, maintained, altered or chemically altered outside DumBlonde Smart Hair Salon, the salon nor any employees of DumBlonde Smart Hair are liable in the event of LOSS or DAMAGE to the Smart Hair Extensions. DumBlonde is not held liable for any issues that arise from a violation of the warranty agreement.


Clients who maintain the warranty agreement with DumBlonde Smart Hair Salon and their Smart Hair Consultant will have their Smart Hair guaranteed for 1 year. In the event the Smart Hair is defective, the defective pieces will be replaced at no cost to the client.

DumBlonde Customer Satisfaction

DumBlonde Smart Hair wants to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with their experience. In the event you are not 100% satisfied, we request you call us or send an email after hours, allowing us the opportunity to correct any issues you have immediately. With a rapidly growing salon, we want to make sure our quality is always exceeding our clients expectations.

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